I need you
remember without the darkness you can't see the stars.


All that’s left are the smears of blood on the floor.

Well, that wasn’t very subtle.

Heaven we hope is just up the road.

make me choose: galeniss or everlark
requested by bluelightfiregirl


The miserable ones are the ones where all the girls auditioning are in the same room. There’s no talking in those rooms. I’ve tried. Yesterday I had to do an interview. I was in a horrible mood. I couldn’t think of basic words. I could see my publicist in the background, mouthing things to say. They want you to be likable all the time, and I’m just not.

"They just want a good show. That’s all they want."

Tomorrow will be kinder.

'You and me, we made a deal to try and save him. Remember?' Haymitch says. When I don't respond, he disconnects after a curt 'Try and remember.'

Once I’m obsessed with somebody, I’m terrified of them instantly. I’m not scared of them — I’m scared of me and how I will react.”

thg meme → six deaths : Rue

"Katniss! Katniss!" 

"Rue! Rue, I’m coming!"